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    Achieve Your Ideas.

    ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 focuses on the development of precision electronic components and the design and manufacture of precision molds. It is committed to the requirements and persistence in product technology and service with the goals of building up technical value and brand position.

    ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 has been undertaking R&D according to its business vision step by step. This has won customer's recognition of its products and technology.

    Determined to build an "R&D and PEC," ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 is focusing more on product and mold development, and hopes to cultivate excellent product development, precision mold design and manufacturing personnel, and construct macroscopic products through Taiwan's rich technical human resources. The technical team will stay in Taiwan and, in the future, through the establishment of the R&D and PEC, provide a platform to attract more talents to develop their talents, and let a group of outstanding people realize their dreams. This enables ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 to challenge the global industry with its technology and enter the world markets by challenging the impossible task.
    The background and mission of PEC

    Knowledge is power
    Power of Knowledge

    The completion of PEC is a key step for ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 in developing high-end technology to integrate with the world and develop independently. ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 continues to recruit outstanding talents. At the same time, it actively engages in industry-university cooperation, establishes a substantial research mechanism, and builds a dedicated technical team to enhance competitiveness and to develop innovative products with more value.

    In order to broaden product coverage and improve R&D efficiency, ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 is not only upgrading talent but also equipping the PEC with the required precision equipment aiming at full automated production. That is, not only to provide good products but also to develop at the goal of becoming an industry leading brand.

    Facing the ever-changing big market, Taiwan is poised to play a key role with its mature resources and advantages. ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动 is determined to face the world markets by rooting in Taiwan and making the most of domestic talents. The PEC is exactly the critical beginning of ope赞助-ope手机-ope体育互动's second annex.